Earn High APY With Lido stETH, Vesper Finance’s Staked Ethereum Rebasing Pool

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Vesper Finance (VSP) recently announced its newest rebasing tool, Lido stETH. The company explains that users have a higher probability of additional annual percentage yield (APY) due to various crypto market strategies.

Lido sends assets to Aave to take out stablecoin loans, which are then routed through Vesper pool. This means that holders of stETH can potentially have better returns, in addition to the base 4% APY carried in the stETH token itself.

Unlike the LP yield opportunities for stETH, Vesper’s pools do not expose the underlying stETH to impermanent losses, enabling users to stack more stETH at a discount when the token trades below peg.

Better Stablecoin Yield Opportunities

Similarly to the past several weeks, Vesper is pitching another 1,000 VSP to FXS voters through Pitch. To date, the company has been able to triple its weight in the Frax FXS gauage.

Users can deposit FRAX to Vesper and then stake on Convex to earn 2x boosted FXS + VSP in addition to their base FRAX APY. Currently, depositors using this strategy earn an impressive 14%+ total APY. This makes Vesper among the best stablecoin yield opportunities throughout the entire Convex ecosystem.

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