Autofarm (AUTO) Enables Cross-Chain Compatibility With Polygon (MATIC) Vaults | The DEX Aggregators Expanded Network Boasts 21 New Yield Optimizers

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The Autofarm Pastures Continue to Grow

In a blog post published on Autofarm’s medium page May 23rd, the company announced the completion of its integration with Polygon, meaning the two ecosystems will now be able to operate cross-chain more effectively. A cross-chain yield optimizer, a DEX aggregator, and an intelligent portfolio manager make up Autofarm. There were over 87 vaults on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Huobi ECO Chain (HECO) before integration with Polygon (MATIC)

21 new vaults have been added to Autofarm’s ecosystem thanks to the integration with Polygon. Among them are QuickSwap, ComethSwap, SushiSwap, and Curve vaults. 

A 0.2% controller fee is the only difference between the fee structure in Polygon vaults and that of BSC vaults. Furthermore, users who staked AUTO tokens in the BSC single AUTO vault will have the ability to determine which percentage of tokens should be allocated to burns and which percentage should be reserved for revenue sharing.

“Autofarm’s partnership and integration with Polygon mark just one of the many goals we have moving forward in 2021 — significantly improving our cross-chain capabilities,” Autofarm said in the announcement.

In the coming weeks, Autofarm’s DEX aggregator AutoSwap will be aggregating liquidity from DEXs powered by Polygon.


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